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FIM Ultimate File Connector

Project Description
Project providing an Extensible Connectivity 2.0 (ECMA) File Connector (previously Management Agent).

Just the basic File Connector supporting the following OOB file formats:
*Attribute Value Pair (AVP)
*Directory Services Markup Language (DSML)
*LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)

But has the following extra functionality:
*Full Export that before ECMA had to be handled externally from FIM/ILM/MIIS
*Files can be managed at FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and File System Locations (remote from the MAData folder)
*Files can be compressed/extracted with or without encryption/decryption
*Substitution of date and time values in file names


Project Dependencies

In order to be able to make this connector as feature rich as possible I had to make use of code from other projects here on CodePlex and you will have to download these dll's separately, see the installation guide...


SevenZipSharp is an eminient Library used for Compression, Extraction, Encryption and Decryption. SevenZipSharp also has a dependency to a dll in 7-zip, you'll have to download that too to be able to use Compression etc.

SSH.NET Library

SSH.Net is simply great, never thought it would be so easy communicating with SFTP and SCP servers.

Full Export

Historically with MIIS, ILM and FIM you have only had the possibility to do delta exports, that is export of only changed objects and working with text files that's far from perfect especially if the system you're communicating with expects a full file. With ECMA 2.0 that is new with FIM 2010 Update Rollup 2 Full Exports are now a reality and my guess is that it's for text files this will be most useful and that's the main reason why I decided to implement this connector. Don't forget you have to create a Full Export Run Profile.

Different Locations

FIM and it's predecessors have all worked with file from the MAData directory and that have always made it problematic when working with remote systems therefore I've made a whole bunch of file transfer protocols available directly in this Connector. The connector simply downloads or uploads the MAData file before import or after export to or from FTP (and FTPS), SFTP, SCP and remote file system locations.

Configuring FTP location
Configuring SFTP or SCP location
Configuring File location

Compression/Extraction and Encryption Decryption

Large files may take time to transfer to remote location but that not the main reason why I've chosen to implement it, the main reason is that compression usually have good encryption functions, especially if you choose AES256 as encryption method.

Configuring Compression/Extraction and Encryption/Decryption

Date Time Substitution

As a FIM consultant I've often been asked to download or upload a file with the current date in the file name and that has always required custom code or scripts in order to handle that's why I've made it available right away in the Connector. Just replace the date as both remote url/path and archive internal file name with date parts between ?? (question marks).

Working with Date and Time Substitution

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