Issue when 7z.dll not present

Jun 12, 2012 at 6:22 PM

Following the installation guide, I copied the SevenZipSharp library to my extensions folder (as well as SSH.NET library). Whenever I attempted to create an MA using the Ultimate File Connector DLL, I would receive a generic "the management agent threw an exception" message. After attaching VS to the process, I was able to see that config[Param.UseCompression].ToBool() was causing the issue with the error that the key did not exist in the collection.

The best I can tell, when 7z is not present, this key is never added based on line 333 in UltimateFileConnector.cs: if (File.Exists(zipLibraryPath)). If successful, the checkbox that adds the key is made available, otherwise a label is displayed.

In order to get past the error, I wrapped the "compression" (ln. 468) section in a test to see if the key exists: if(config.Contains(Param.UseCompression))

This is probably not an ideal fix, but as I am not using compression in my testing, it seems to have gotten me past the issue and able to complete the MA set up. I wanted to put this out there in case I just missed something really easy and chose to make the work around more complicated then it needed to be, or in case there is an actual issue worth looking at further.