Actual output of the Connector

Nov 23, 2015 at 5:34 AM

I have successfully configured the File MA but i have a disconnect as to how to configure the rest of the File MA.. your guidance just states "The rest is standard text file connector setup..."....

So in Looking at setting up a "normal" ECMA file connector, seems to involve xml files...what i need to know is...
  • is the end result extract of this file connector in the delimited (CSV) file format or xml?
  • does the connector create a separate "delta" file for each export or overwrite a single "delta" file with the date stamp?
  • does the delta file contain only accounts that have been modified, deleted or added? (and is separate from the full export file - which would contain everyone?)
  • can i configure this MA to be an Outbound only MA?
  • can i configure a sync rule triplet instead of classic provisioning?
Apologies if the questions seem obvious but i have very specific requirements, and i need to determine if this MA is fit for purpose. I appreciate any response.