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Setting up the FIM Ultimate File Connector


Follow this little guide: Installation

Create a new Connector

In Sync Service Manager, select the Management Agents tab and in the Actions Pane on the right, select "Create"

In the Create Management Agent Dialog you should Select “Extensible Connectivity 2.0” as type. Give it a name and a description and finally uncheck “Run this management agent in a separate process”, having this set will make the Connector to run beside the FIM Sync Service and it makes I a little bit harder to debug if you select to make changes to the connector.

Click “Next” when done.


Now we need to choose the dll file that brings all the extra functionality, click browse and select the “IdmCrisis.Fim.Connectors.UltimateFileConnector.dll” that should be placed in your Extensions folder that normally is located at “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Synchronization Service\Extensions”. When the file is selected you need to click the “Refresh interfaces” button and it should look like below when you’re done.

Click “Next” to continue.


On this page I’m proud to present the configuration of all the extra nice functionality this connector brings.
The settings for this Connector is so extensive that it definitely needs it’s own pages:



The rest is standard text file connector setup...

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