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Configuring SFTP or SCP location

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is not FTP it’s a completely different protocol based on SSH (Secure Shell) and SCP (Secure Copy)  is similar but a lot simpler. both of these protocols are transmitting information encrypted.

If you’re looking for a way to Import/Export files with FIM from SFTP or SCH you’ve come to the right place!

In order to use this connector to connect to SFTP or SCP you must first select “Ftp” or “Scp” as Remote Location and then add URL for both full and delta files, if you only plan for using one type of operation you still have to enter both URLs but then they can be the same. Please note that if you use the same remote files for both Full and Delta operation you will probably end up in data loss soon or later. Note that you must have a prefix like for example “sftp://” in the URLs even though this is not what you usually have for connecting to SFPT/SCP.

SFTP and SCP requires you to specify at least a User Name regardless of what Authentication Method you choose.


You then have to scroll down a bit or resize the dialog to find the SFTP/SCP Settings.

Here you have to select the Authentication method you’re supposed to connect to the server with, these are the options.

*None: Does only require a User Name

*Password: Uses User Name and Password for authentication

*PrivateKey: Uses a file containing a key and optionally a pass phrase for authentication: it requires you to at least add a Private Key File.



You’re pretty much set but maybe you wish to:


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