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Configuring FTP location

If you wish to import or export a file to/from an FTP-Server with FIM, then you’re at the right place.

In order to use this connector to connect to FTP you must first select “Ftp” as Remote Location and then add URL for both full and delta files, if you only plan for using one type of operation you still have to enter both URLs but then they can be the same. Please note that if you use the same remote files for both Full and Delta operation you will probably end up in data loss soon or later.

You must also specify at least User Name but probably password as well, you can omit Domain since that’s only used for the File Location.



You then have to scroll down a bit or resize the dialog to find the FTP Settings.

* Use Passive (checked by default): Setting the UsePassive property to true sends the "PASV" command to the server. This command requests the server to listen on a data port and to wait for a connection rather than initiate one upon receipt of a transfer command.

*Enable SSL/TLS: The "AUTH TLS" command is sent to the server to request an encrypted session. Unless the Enable SSL/TLS is checked, all data and commands, including your user name and password information, are sent to the server in clear text.

*Use Binary Transfer Mode: If you are sending binary data, such as a compressed file, check this checkbox. If you are sending text, don’t.



You’re pretty much set but maybe you wish to:


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